Applying For Permission To Administer The Estate

If your loved one or friend has died intestate, you can make an application for administration at any registry of the Supreme Court of British Columbia.

The process can be complex and time-consuming, and often takes several months. At Fast & Company Law Firm, we know that sometimes it's very important to administer the estate as quickly as possible. Sometimes, the deceased may have been in the middle of a time-sensitive interaction, such as a real estate sale, and it may be crucial for his or her family to get permission to complete it before it falls through.

Fast & Company has in the past provided exceptional service by obtaining a grant of probate within one week of our first meeting with the client, in a situation in which a real estate deal was in danger of failing.

We pride ourselves on our ability to help families and loved ones through the process quickly and efficiently, as well as compassionately.

Getting It Right The First Time

There are a number of places where even uncontested administration applications may hit a snag such as:

  • A number of people are required to be given notice when you file an application. Their addresses must be the same as the addresses listed in the distribution sector or they may be rejected. If some of the people who should be given notice cannot be found, or are minors or mentally incompetent, special measures must be taken to get permission to not give them notice, or to give notice to substitutes such as guardians. This may involve special filings and extra fees.
  • An affidavit of assets and liabilities must be submitted, including all real estate, personal property, investments and RRSPs. This must be drawn up correctly and thoroughly. It may take patience and perseverance to get the information, and it may be difficult to tell whether certain assets are part of the estate or not.
  • Other supplementary documents may be required to explain some of the assets or issues.

Our staff and lawyer can avoid these and many other pitfalls, and prevent unnecessary delays so that you can perform your duties.

In certain circumstances, special applications may be needed. These include situations where somebody needs to deal with assets in order to protect them while the application process is completed, or situations when there is a challenge to an existing will or executor, or when an administrator has died or moved away from the province.

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