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If you have been named as administrator of an estate where there is no will, your job will be more complicated than it would be if the decedent had legally spelled out his or her intentions.

These kind of cases are often best dealt with by legal professionals who are well-versed in the estate laws governing British Columbia residents. Retaining counsel is one way to avoid potential problems with the estate and any heirs over distribution of the assets.

Sometimes an intestate decedent will have few assets and resources but will still have a great deal of debt that must be paid off. An estate administration lawyer is experienced with dealing with creditors and can often negotiate for debt reduction that can wipe thousands off of the slate.

Another way in which an estate administration lawyer can assist clients is by running interference with the heirs who, understandably, want to get the assets distributed as quickly as possible.

But a quick distribution can cause real problems for the estate, the heirs and the administrator. But it is the estate administrator who bears the legal responsibility for errors, omissions and unpaid debts that remain outstanding.

Here at our law firm, we understand the intricacies of the laws governing probate and estate administration. We can help our clients avoid the pitfalls of estate administration and make sure that all estates are valuated accurately and fairly. When you have questions regarding any aspects of estate law, visit our website or give us a call so that we can assist you with managing your duties as estate administrator, with or without a will.

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