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Are you struggling to administer an estate? Get help!

When acting as executor of a decedent's estate, you have a duty to be an earnest steward of their assets until all are disbursed to the beneficiaries and heirs. Sometimes, through no fault of the diligent executor, assets depreciate, such as if the housing or financial markets nosedive.

Can I contest my relative's will?

The courts and government of British Columbia recognize the autonomy of individuals to leave their estate to the people they choose. With that being said, however, there are certain circumstances wherein it may be possible to contest the terms of a will being probated here in British Columbia.

Estate administration headache number 1: Battling heirs

Even professional estate administrators and lawyers dislike handling estates where there are multiple contentious heirs working at cross-purposes with one another. Sometimes dissatisfied heirs try to undermine the probate process by selling off some of the estate's holdings, but more often than not, the in-fighting is demoralizing and creates chaos.

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