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During estate administration, CRA must be on the contact list

Even after a person has passed away, an obligation is still owed to the Canada Revenue Agency. In fact, the CRA is one of the most important contacts to be made by the executor during the process of estate administration. There are many final tax-related details that need to be taken care of after a taxpayer dies in British Columbia.

Understanding how estate administration begins in B.C.

It is more than likely that a person appointed executor of an estate has never done so previously. Needless to say, he or she may have a lot of questions about the job they've been asked to do. This article will discuss some of the fundamental points to know about estate administration in British Columbia.

Important things to know about probate for the executor

Being named as executor of an estate is a solemn responsibility. While it may be a source of some pride to be named to such an important position, many would-be executors are understandably daunted by the enormity of the task. Estate law is fairly complex, and the process of probate can be confusing and possibly lengthy. For those British Columbia men and women facing this job, here are some tips to help them better understand what might lie ahead.

Estate administration: dealing with assets without a will

Though writing a will is not necessarily a difficult task, many people choose to put it off for one reason or another. Unfortunately, some put it off too long and pass away without leaving behind their final instructions. When that happens in British Columbia, the person is said to have died intestate. Will or no will, however, the process of estate administration must still take place, and any assets will need to be disposed of.

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