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Are you struggling to administer an estate? Get help!

When acting as executor of a decedent's estate, you have a duty to be an earnest steward of their assets until all are disbursed to the beneficiaries and heirs. Sometimes, through no fault of the diligent executor, assets depreciate, such as if the housing or financial markets nosedive.

Estate administration headache number 1: Battling heirs

Even professional estate administrators and lawyers dislike handling estates where there are multiple contentious heirs working at cross-purposes with one another. Sometimes dissatisfied heirs try to undermine the probate process by selling off some of the estate's holdings, but more often than not, the in-fighting is demoralizing and creates chaos.

Administering an intestate estate

If you are the spouse, adult child or other relative of a person who died without leaving a will, you could wind up applying to the court to administer that person's estate. If the decedent dies intestate and has no spouse, parent or children to handle these duties, or if those relatives are not willing or able to execute the duties, the court could wind up appointing you if you had a close relationship with the person during his or her lifetime.

Can I administer my mom's estate without killing my siblings?

If you are the administrator of your parent's estate and you have at least one sibling, chances are good that you have first-hand experience with frustration. There's something about parental inheritance that turns otherwise pleasantly civil siblings into the snarling and scrapping toddlers they once were.

What is an estate freeze and how do you manage it?

Some estate administrators in British Columbia might have to deal with an estate freeze. The term refers to the transfer of business assets while the business owner is still alive to the intended heirs for the purposes of business continuity. At the same time, the individual is given valued shares of the business locked-in at today's worth, which has favorable tax implications.

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