A challenged will can upset the estate administration process

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Generally, the task of an executor begins following an unfortunate loss. This may be a very difficult time for that person, and his or her only wish is likely to see the job of estate administration through as efficiently as possible. However, should a will be challenged, this can delay the process and make the task even more laborious. A … Read More

Things to know about debts during estate administration

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The executor of an estate in British Columbia has many responsibilities, all of them important. One of the early steps of estate administration involves settling the debts of the estate. How this is done, and what obligations the executor has to creditors, may be unclear to some people taking on the role. It is important to know that a debt … Read More

Making funeral arrangements is a part of estate administration

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The executor of an estate has numerous duties, though many people may assume it is just a matter of probating the will and distributing the assets. While those are the two main tasks of estate administration in British Columbia, there are numerous sub-tasks and related duties, as well. For example, the executor may need to make many decisions concerning the … Read More

Selling a home as part of estate administration

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For many British Columbia estates, the asset with the greatest value is the testator’s home. If there were no other occupants, and no other names on the title, the home is typically sold. This may be one of the more complicated aspects of estate administration as it combines estate law with real estate law. As part of the probate process, … Read More

Estate administration can be complicated by disappointed heirs

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Simply put, a will makes clear how a person wishes his or her estate to be distributed after he or she passes away. In a perfect world, the executor of the estate will see to it that the instructions are followed properly, the estate is settled, and life goes on. Unfortunately, things do not always go perfectly during estate administration, … Read More

Searching for heirs is an important part of estate administration

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The duties of an executor or administrator of an estate are many and varied. The court takes estate administration seriously and assumes that the executor will perform his or her duties with care and diligence. One of the more complicated roles of the executor may be locating heirs. Courts in British Columbia and across Canada expect the person charged with … Read More

Estate administration: dealing with assets without a will

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Though writing a will is not necessarily a difficult task, many people choose to put it off for one reason or another. Unfortunately, some put it off too long and pass away without leaving behind their final instructions. When that happens in British Columbia, the person is said to have died intestate. Will or no will, however, the process of … Read More

The executor’s tax responsibilities during estate administration

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At no time during the life of a man or woman in British Columbia is that person happy to pay their taxes. Imagine the surprise of discovering one is responsible for the taxes of another person after they have passed away? That is exactly what happens during estate administration: the executor is required, as legal representative, to settle the tax … Read More

Understanding how estate administration begins in BC

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It is more than likely that a person appointed executor of an estate has never done so previously. Needless to say, he or she may have a lot of questions about the job they’ve been asked to do. This article will discuss some of the fundamental points to know about estate administration in British Columbia. The entire process begins, once … Read More

Disinherited kids challenge will in probate, seek share of estate

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When an individual in British Columbia passes away and leaves a will, the will must go through probate. In theory, the probate process is relatively simple: the will is submitted to the court and its legality is verified before then being administered by the executor. In rare cases, the will may be challenged, usually by hitherto unknown heirs, or those … Read More