Let us assist you when a family member dies intestate

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Handling the administration of a loved one’s estate when there is no will can be fraught with confusion for many people. When coupled with the grief that accompanies the death, the emotions can be paralyzing. An estate without a will is considered intestate and is subject to the provisions of the Wills, Estates and Succession Act. This means that there … Read More

Turn to the professionals for estate administration

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If you are struggling with the administration of someone’s estate, it can be quite frustrating. You might want to rush it through to appease family members and/or beneficiaries, but that could come back to haunt you with the liability. There are many factors involved with estate administration, and some decedents’ estates can be quite complex, involving real estate holdings in … Read More

Dodging family feuds while administering an estate

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Elderly parents with several adult children sometimes elect to choose one child to be the executor of their estates when they die. This may give them comfort to think that they carefully selected the fairest and most responsible of their brood to carry out their final intentions, but this choice can foment bad blood between the siblings. Problems often arise … Read More

Are you up to managing the estate of your relative?

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How convenient it would be if our loved ones always managed to have their affairs in tip-top shape at the time of their deaths. While some do manage to prepare for the inevitable and get their ducks in line, others’ personal affairs are in disarray when they pass on. If your spouse, parent or other loved one is one of … Read More

When a will is vague, estate administration may be complicated

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The responsibility of being executor of an estate, or the British Columbia court-appointed administer, is a heavy burden. Fortunately, a well written will leaves little room for doubt as to what needs to be done with the deceased’s assets. Vague wording, however, can lead to misinterpretation and may complicate the task of estate administration. When specific instructions are not left … Read More

Have you chosen the right person as executor of your estate?

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In order to have your wishes carried out regarding the administration of your estate, it’s important to select the right executor to handle your affairs when you die. Making the wrong choice can delay the distribution of assets to your heirs, inspire contested will battles and potentially open the estate to tax liabilities. The right person for the task should … Read More

When the administrator cannot serve in that capacity

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There are cases where it is appropriate that the Public Guardian and Trustee (PGT) administers estates when the circumstances do not permit the beneficiary, intestate successor, executor or other eligible person to serve in that capacity. When that occurs, the PGT can agree to an appointment as executor. However, when these situations arise, it’s important to understand that the PGT … Read More

Unruly heirs? Welcome to the estate administration world

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Sometimes the administrators of estates have to deal with demanding and unpleasant heirs and beneficiaries. If they are really unlucky, they may even be related to them by blood or marriage. In cases like that, the best strategy is learning how to best manage these types of people. Often their disagreeable behaviours stem from a lack of control over what … Read More

We can help when there is no will

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If you have been named as administrator of an estate where there is no will, your job will be more complicated than it would be if the decedent had legally spelled out his or her intentions. These kind of cases are often best dealt with by legal professionals who are well-versed in the estate laws governing British Columbia residents. Retaining … Read More

Do I really have to pay off my deceased dad’s debts?

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When spouses, parents or others die, their heirs may have concerns about any responsibility they may have to pay the debts the deceased accrued over a lifetime. In short, the answer is that they have no responsibility. However, just as with many of the complex aspects of estate administration and probate, there are exceptions, and they include: Joint debts where … Read More