Saving Money with Relex™

You are buying or selling a home or property for the first time, or you’ve done it before.

You’ve got a budget to stick to, and on top of that, you know you have to factor in all the additional fees, taxes, and commissions that go along with a home purchase.

We’ve got good news for you.  One less fee to pay, and more money in your pocket after the purchase of your home.

Two Professionals for the Price of One!

With the innovative Relex™ system, you can receive professional services from both your Relex™ Lawyer and Relex™ Realtor® for no more than what a typical full- service Realtor® in your area would charge.

This includes legal advice from the start of your real estate transaction, as well as undivided loyalty and independent representation. You have unlimited access to your Relex™ Lawyer throughout the whole process; at the same time, your Relex™ Realtor® will represent only you in your purchase or sale transaction. No dual agency conflict!

Your Relex™ Realtor® will provide you with contract advice before it is too late, as well as the usual legal conveyance services, at no additional cost.

Why wouldn’t you choose to receive the best possible representation and save on your legal closing costs?

How Does it Work?

Once you’ve decided to sell or buy a property, you start by contacting your Relex™ Lawyer.

Your Lawyer will meet with you to talk about your plans and will assist you in recommending a top-notch Relex™ Realtor® who is familiar with properties in your neighbourhood.

Your Relex™ Realtor® will work hand in hand with you and your Relex™ Lawyer to take you through the entire transaction.

When the final sale or purchase paperwork is ready for you to sign, your Relex™ Lawyer will make an appointment with you to sign all the legal closing documents.

There will be no charge to you for the preparation of those documents. If you are buying, there will be no commission or legal fees for you to pay. If you are selling, you will pay no more than the typical amount of commission a seller would pay.

Get Started Today

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