Timeline of estate administration, Part 1

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If you are newly appointed as the administrator of an estate, it can be confusing knowing what needs to be done when. Below is a list of the duties you will be responsible for performing and the approximate time you will need to do them.  Immediately after the death of the decedent, you will need to:  Arrange to donate the … Read More

Why might a will be challenged during estate administration?

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At the best of times, being executor for an estate can be time-consuming and emotional. All administrators hope for a smooth and expeditious execution of their duties. Unfortunately, there are times when surprises during estate administration can throw a wrench into the works. One such wrench is a challenge to the will, which can happen for one of a few … Read More

Funeral costs are often the first matter of estate administration

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There are many responsibilities suddenly heaped upon the executor after a person dies. The order in which these responsibilities need to be handled is not always readily apparent. However, one of the very first tasks of estate administration In British Columbia is arranging the funeral. It is quite possible the deceased left instructions for his or her funeral in the … Read More

Are you Struggling to Administer an Estate? Get Help!

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When acting as executor of a decedent’s estate, you have a duty to be an earnest steward of their assets until all are disbursed to the beneficiaries and heirs. Sometimes, through no fault of the diligent executor, assets depreciate, such as if the housing or financial markets nosedive. In those type of situations, there may be little that you can … Read More

So…you are the estate executor. Now what??

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“Learning you have been named as executor of somebody’s estate can come as a surprise. While it is better for the decedent to have already pre-arranged with his or her intended executor to carry out these duties, many never get around to having that important conversation. As one estate lawyer in the United States remarked, “”A common adage says to … Read More

Preparing the executor for estate administration

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Very few executors are surprised to find out they were named to the position, having typically been informed during the estate planning stages. Given the prior knowledge of the eventual responsibility, it might not be a bad idea for the executor to prepare for the process of estate administration in British Columbia ahead of time. Here are some tips for … Read More

Determine which assets must be included in probate

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If you are named as administrator of an estate, there may be some assets that fall out of the breadth and scope of the probate process. These non-probate assets must be dealt with separately as the rest of the decedent’s estate goes through the probate process. Some non-probate assets may include the following: Assets owned solely by the decedent but … Read More

What is an estate freeze and how do you manage it?

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Some estate administrators in British Columbia might have to deal with an estate freeze. The term refers to the transfer of business assets while the business owner is still alive to the intended heirs for the purposes of business continuity. At the same time, the individual is given valued shares of the business locked-in at today’s worth, which has favorable … Read More

Let us assist you when a family member dies intestate

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Handling the administration of a loved one’s estate when there is no will can be fraught with confusion for many people. When coupled with the grief that accompanies the death, the emotions can be paralyzing. An estate without a will is considered intestate and is subject to the provisions of the Wills, Estates and Succession Act. This means that there … Read More

Turn to the professionals for estate administration

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If you are struggling with the administration of someone’s estate, it can be quite frustrating. You might want to rush it through to appease family members and/or beneficiaries, but that could come back to haunt you with the liability. There are many factors involved with estate administration, and some decedents’ estates can be quite complex, involving real estate holdings in … Read More